The number 1: Textilene

Calpe, Jaca and Coria together form the new BOREK Textilene collection. There are so many advantages to having aluminium chairs with Textiline seating. As well as being beautiful and colourfast the fabric is also comfortable and fast-drying. So you don’t need cushions. The anthracite-grey colour combination is a real first. Whereas most Textilene chairs are black, BOREK has chosen consciously for trendy grey and white. The stackable Calpe chair is incredibly handy to use, while its rounded armrests give the Calpe a very appealing look. Coria offers extra seating surface both in width and depth and is therefore both spacious and slender. However, the Jaca chair is the roomiest of the 3; an imposing dining room armchair. BOREK Textilene chairs are stunning combined with the Vitoria line tables, which are even available in a 4.00 m-long version.