“My door handle collection for Formani, and one of my modern building lines, often feature a so-called Ribbon: a line that continues like a broad ribbon with sharp folds. In buildings, the floor extends into a wall, and then the wall into a ceiling, with a corner twist somewhere on the line. You can see the same in my designs of the outdoor furniture collection for Borek.

In terms of design, I opted for XL items that boldly claim their place on large verandas or terraces. By simply turning the items 90 degrees, it creates a much narrower configuration: perfect for that specific corner that has a little less width but offers a little more depth.

The taut cords – Ribbons – subtly refine the XL design. They serve as a prelude to the beautifully rope-designed Beanbags and dining chairs from the rest of the Borek Collection. My starting point was to combine especially with these other more organic/round models, and occasionally with a beautiful hammock or hanging rocking chair on the veranda.”

Ribbon Collection by bob manders

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