Parasols not only provide protection from the sun when you’re outdoors but also offer a sense of coziness. If you’re looking for a parasol that truly enhances your garden, consider the Amado. The Amado parasol is available in a round format with a diameter of three and a half meters and in a square format measuring three by three meters. This parasol doesn’t require a pulley system, making it less vulnerable and giving it a sleek design. You can easily open and close the parasol with a push-up system. The ends of the ribs have suspension, which comes in handy in windy conditions. Complete the parasol with a Borek parasol base and a protective cover. If your garden furniture features earthy tones, the frame with a chalk coating and taupe fabric is a beautiful combination. If you prefer a darker variant, choose the Amado in anthracite with a dark gray fabric.


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