For those who enjoy outdoor dining, socializing, and relaxation, Frans van Rens designed a unique table serie: Lexx. Dining outdoors with a large group is not only a delightful experience but also a feast for the eyes with the Lexx table series’ beautiful design.
The Lexx table series includes four tables, including a “high dining” table. The Dekton tabletop is available in two stylish colors: the light color “rem” and the dark color “kelya,” both with a modern design with veins. The frame is made entirely of coated aluminum and is available in antracite, chalk, and bronze.

Frans van Rens

In the designs for Borek, Frans van Rens strives for the ultimate experience of comfort, beauty and quality so that you can fully enjoy the outdoors. Frans became best known for his unique work for Dutch Railways. He designed both the interior and exterior of the latest double-decker trains. An icon in the Dutch landscape. Meanwhile, Frans van Rens enjoys international fame with an original Dutch Design signature.

The longest table, a dining table, is a staggering 620 centimeters long and 125 centimeters wide, offering comfortable seating for sixteen people. This table is a magnificent addition to a spacious terrace for those who appreciate the finer things in outdoor living. The beautiful, high-quality Dekton tabletop is designed in an elliptical shape, allowing you to sit close to each other and converse easily despite the table’s substantial length. A table of this size is unique and was not available before the introduction of Lexx.


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