Elevate your outdoor space with the stylish and sturdy Ribbon lounge set, designed by Bob Manders. The antracite gray aluminum frame boasts a sleek, straight design, with playful black ropes in the arm and backrest that add a unique touch. From every angle, the Ribbon is a stunning addition to your patio or terrace.


Introducing the unique and versatile Ribbon outdoor furniture collection, consisting of various modular pieces designed to elevate your outdoor living experience.

The corner module, with its wide armrest and sturdy back, emphasizes the collection’s rugged and sophisticated look. The spacious armrest provides a comfortable spot to sit and enjoy your surroundings, while also offering ample space to place your tablet or other items.

With Ribbon, outdoor work has never been easier. The practical design and spacious armrest provide a convenient workspace, allowing you to effortlessly work from the comfort of your outdoor living space.

Upgrade your outdoor living experience with Ribbon, and enjoy the ultimate in style, comfort, and practicality. Choose from a variety of modular pieces to create your perfect outdoor oasis. Discover the endless possibilities of Ribbon, only from our exclusive outdoor furniture collection.


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