The sublime Sori chair series, designed in-house by Studio Borek, is a collection that elevates many terraces to a high-end outdoor retreat. Sori consists of three different chairs: a dining chair, a high dining chair, and an armchair. The series also includes a footstool. Sori follows the trend of organic shapes and openness in weaving. The Ardenza weave is executed with white-taupe rope, combined with a chalk hue for the frame, creating a beautiful light-toned, earthy color palette. The high-quality weave provides sturdy, very comfortable support.

The seat cushion in the dune shade is modern and sleek, designed to be slender as the chair requires little extra padding to be comfortable. The armless Sori dining chair stands out with its wide oval seat and height. While a cushion is not necessary, it adds a touch of extra comfort when combined with the woven seat. The dining chair pairs well with a large dining table but is equally suitable for a side table.

The Sori high dining chair complements a high dining table with a height of 95 cm. Due to its slightly lower height compared to a bar stool, you can easily sit down and stay comfortably seated, aided by the footrest. The seat and weave also contribute to the overall comfortable experience.

Completing the Sori chair series are the Sori armchair and matching footstool with optional cushions. This relax chair can be placed, for example, with a second piece and a side table on a garden or rooftop terrace. Alternatively, you can combine the armchair with a modular lounge set. The modest weight of the aluminum makes it easy to move the armchair throughout the day to follow the sun or shade. With this stunning, wide oval chair, your outdoor retreat becomes a delightful and attractive place to linger.


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