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In 2021, the outdoor space will be a symbol of a wonderful place to relax and
enjoy. It is, as it were, our living room in the outdoor environment, where the
living pleasure is extended in an attractive way and where we can escape from
the ever-increasing hectic of daily life. A place where we like to meet with family
and friends to enjoy the moments that matter.

The outdoor environment is a source of peace and security, where I too, when
the occasion allows, enjoy spending hours with my family. It is these moments
and this feeling that inspire me, together with renowned designers and our own
design studio, to give shape to the outdoor furniture of Borek. Outdoor living
requires its own styling that reflects personality and character.

The collections of outdoor furniture and parasols by Borek are developed precisely based on this vision. The stylish and timeless products reflect an ultimate sense of freedom and enjoyment, allowing you to embrace the outdoors in all its glory. We associate the outdoors not only with the green environment, but also with a place to read and relax for hours while enjoying a snack and a drink; away from the hustle and bustle. It doesn’t take much: good, timeless seats, comfortable cushions and a parasol for atmosphere and shade. All these elements can be found in the 2021 collection and much more. Stylish designs that meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Some of our collections are made from recycled materials –
something we pay a lot of attention to within the company. By reusing materials, they are given a second life, as it were, in a new product, which adds something unique to the outdoor space because of its special appearance.

Every piece of furniture and every parasol has been designed according to the high-quality standards Borek has been proud of for over 40 years. It is the core of the brand and the foundation for our high level of service. The company history makes these characteristics important to us. To me. I hope to you too. In this brochure, I have tried to combine my vision and our ideas into an inspiring overview for the 2021 season. Outdoor living doesn’t get any better than with Borek!

Frank Bogaers


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