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Every year when our team is busy putting together a new collection and producing a new brochure, the summer season is discussed. The season in which the outdoors is embraced and the sun shows itself from a generous side.

Actually, I think we should not speak of a summer season, because that gives the idea that enjoyment is tied to one period of the year. As far as I am concerned, enjoying the garden starts on January 1 and ends on December 31. Our outdoor furniture lends itself perfectly to use it for a year. In the sunny months this is possible in the warm sun, while a porch or roof offers the possibility to sit outside during the cooler months. Just try it. Enjoying outdoors is all seasons. Go offline for a few hours, put your cell phone aside, walk into the garden and step into the world of Borek. Where should be allowed and effort relax. Leave the obligations for what they are and relax in the atmosphere that we create for you with our outdoor furniture. Sit down in one of our comfortable lounge furniture or sit down with one of our comfortable chairs at a generous table.

Put your legs on a hand-crocheted footstool or slumber for a moment in a royal piece of furniture. Meet our designers and be inspired by new ideas. We have a suitable design for every garden. Both in the field of outdoor furniture and in the field of parasols. Everyone is welcome at Borek parasols outdoor furniture; with us we know only one “must” and that is: endless enjoyment.

I am convinced that you will feel completely at home in the World of Borek. Feel free to browse through this brochure and discover our translation of enjoyment and relaxation. You will not be disappointed.

Frank Bogaers


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